Content Management Systems – Hertfordshire

A Content Management System (CMS)is a software system that allows for websites to be updated, collaborated on and administered by people that have little knowledge of website programming languages or HTML etc. so that non-technical staff can create and manage the content on the website with ease.  You will not need to assign simple tasks to your IT team, and different subject matter experts can update the website themselves.

Most CMS’s use a database to store page content, metadata, and other information that might be needed on the website.  Content management systems can be included in our cheap website packages.

A presentation layer displays the content to website visitors based on a set of templates.

We ususally use server-side caching to make sure that your website pages load as fast as possible.

A CMS allows non-technical users to create pages or update the website with little technical training.  We set up the system for you and then you can take over the ownership yourself.  This negates the requirement for paying for simple updates as you can do them yourself.

We can set up the CMS to suit your corporation.  We can have User Groups where access to the CMS can be specified at different levels so some groups can access and update different areas to other groups.  Some groups or individuals can be set up as “read only” or have access restricted.

It is easy to edit the content.  We use what is called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing tools which are familiar to most people who have used Windows computers, in a standard layout with standard wordprocessing features.

We can include Workflow Management to suit your requirements.  For instance, some users will be able to create or update website items, but they will not be published until another user authorises it and publishes it.

We can provide whatever you require – contact your Hertfordshire Web Designer on 01442 408294 and choose a Business Website Package.